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because the voices told him to

November 2nd, 2007 by Admin

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*Important to note that this page is a bio with demos and live tracks that span the last 20 years…for the most current music of Patrick Kavaney or The Last Drags please check the myspace links, downloads page or iTunes or CD Baby. Gratzi!

Fathead Minnow

Patrick Kavaney started playing music because the voices told him to! There have been many bands since then….Fathead Minnow reared it’s head in 1991. Fathead was the band Patrick cut his teeth on with lots of jamming, expansive improv and his first stab at lead vox. In the fall of 1993, Wigglefoot started and was also brief but also instructive in the jam band format. All three of these bands happened in Potsdam, NY but were college bands and didnt make it out of the rural and pastoral upstate college town.

Between 1993-1998 Patrick lived in Eugene, OR where he was in Dr. Fred and the Love Surgeons, with Fred Vanvactor, Rich Sellars and Noah Kamrat.

A funk, Chili Pepper-esque band, Dr. Fred was also not long-lived but was Patrick’s induction into gigging more regularly and also singing lead.
PK was also involved with Heckle and Jive, an acoustic duo with pal and music school buddy, Bryan Guerrena.

In 1998, Patrick moved back east to Vermont and put the members of Wigglefoot back together to form Opius, a 6 piece acid jazz band. Opius played from 1998 to 2000 and ended in an explosion of silly drama. For a short summer, PK and friends, Andy Smith, Rich Furnis, and Rick Koelling played in the legendary, Parrotgravy but once again, it was short lived PK packed up and moved to Wisconsin where he began to work on his first solo CD Weather or Not. Patrick worked on his CD for a couple years at Boxcar Music Studios in Madison and in 2003 moved back to the west coast and set up shop in Eugene, OR.


Since 2003 PK has been playing and performing with Rich Sellars, again in various capacities. Reeotch and Tricky Ps acoustic duo, plays PK originals and off beat covers, everything from Supertramp to Jeff Buckley. RETP eventually morphed into Chuckbarrymanilow, a 4 piece with a rotating cast of characters. RETP continue to play and perform, taking no prisoners.

Sept 2007 PK was approached by an Indie label in Hollywood, CA, called Jetspeed Records and has signed a limited distribution contract for Weather or Not Cross your fingers!

The Last Drags album, Darning Socks for the Apocalypse released Nov 2009 was played in Alaska, Texas, Maine, Oregon, Vermont, Pennsylvania, the U.K., The Netherlands, Germany, Spain The new album was rotated on all International In-Flight Radios for Lufthansa Airlines in Jan 2010. The track Eliza Blue received substantial air play on local NPR station KLCC and KRVM in Eugene, OR.

The latest project is called Sonic Bent and consists of Mike Gelardi on Keyboards and Vox, Noah Kamrat on bass, Rick Buckendahl on drums and Patrick Kavaney on guits and vox. The band focuses on orginal material inspired by their own interpretations of classic B sides by some of the greatest bands of all time; The Doors, The Allman Brothers, The Stones, The Beatles and much more…performances should be engaging and very danceable.

Sonic Bent playing Allman Brothers In memory of Elizabeth Reed